Dimensions Dao

community - support - exposure

Let's build the web3 as we want it

The goal of this DAO is to give more value to digital art by giving visibility to artists and introducing the first users to the purchase of NFTs

Open to all

We are a DAO designed for everyone, no tokens or deposits are required
Funds are raised on the sales percentages of artists participating in projects such as worlds on foundation
The projects are proposed by artists themselves by votes and meritocracy
Compile the form at the end of the page to request to join

Collaborate with us

We are open to collaborations with those who share our vision, if you are part of the DAO feel free to propose ideasWe will use Snapshot as a method to propose new solutions and vote, each member has only one vote available for each proposal

Request to Join


email: [email protected]
twitter @simoneupup or @dimensionsdao
support us (eth): 0x8bBf62F83dE0Ca3350D74903D528595b613B9bCb